About Us

Rent Card Pty Ltd was established in Brisbane in 2001. Since then we have been providing quality goods for rental to clients from Northern NSW up to Mackay QLD.

Rent Card Pty Ltd provides quality products at competitive prices for Rental. The products can be delivered or picked up at any of our local agents. We obtain our products from specialised retailers and in some instances directly from the manufacturer.

Our no fuss process is simple and speedy. Just call us on 1300 88 53 63 (local call) and a consultant will go through the Pre-Approval process.

You can then be given the following information:

  • If we have the products you require in stock;
  • How long before we can deliver the goods to your nominated address;
  • The price of the product; and
  • If you will qualify for the products you desire on a Rental Plan

The processes Rent Card Pty Ltd use make choosing goods, receiving goods and paying for goods very easy and efficient. Payment plans for rental packages can be made to suit every client’s individual circumstances.

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